Furnace Inspections: When To Schedule Them And Why They Matter

Sep 7, 2018General HVAC Tips, Heating and Furnace Repair

furnace inspection before ohio winter

Furnace Inspections

Once again Ohioans, we are starting our wonderful descent into winter. It’s been a good, warm summer for us, but we know better, and it’s never too early to get your furnace tuned up for the brisk temperatures. After all, if your system isn’t prepared for the often-sudden plunge into our winter cold, you may find yourself making one of those “I have no heat!!” calls in the wee hours of the night to your pros at Advanced Air. And let’s be honest, we don’t wish that on anyone.

The Center For Disease Control and EnergyStar.gov both advise that every furnace be inspected at least once a year.

From EnergyStar.gov:

…”Tune-up your HVAC equipment. Proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems. Contractors get busy during the summer and winter months, so it is best to check the cooling system in spring and the heating system in the fall. Plan the checkups around the beginning and end of daylight-saving time each spring and fall. “


It’s not only about safety and comfort though. It’s about good preventative maintenance and getting the most out of your investment. Professional HVAC technicians can identify smaller problems before they become big problems, saving you the headache of worrying about future breakdowns, and extending the life of your furnace – the right way.

The Process: A Professional Furnace Check Up

Before things get icy, we will give your whole system the once-over professional treatment. Getting a good jump on your annual maintenance checkup will leave you plenty of time if you require repairs or replacement. Early fall is an excellent time get things done.

A Few Things We Do:

  1. Inspect Wiring
  2. Check For Worn Blower Belts
  3. Make Sure Drainage Tube Is Operating Properly, Not Clogged
  4. Clean Flame Sensor
  5. Heat Pump Maintenance
  6. Uncover Hidden Fire Hazards
  7. Lubricate Moving Parts
  8. Calibrate Thermostat

Depending on your type of heat, there may be additional checks and/or requirements. Whatever the job, Advanced Air Solutions has you covered.

What YOU Can Do: Tips for Checking Your Own Furnace Before Winter:

So of course, you will want a professional inspection before winter, but as a home or business owner, you can do your part with a few easy steps.

Check And Change Your Furnace Filters

Your filter has been gathering dust mites, pollen, and other particles from around your house all summer long. Much like the filter in a car, a dusty furnace filter can inhibit the performance of your system. Swapping out the filter is recommended during the winter months every 80 days, and every 45 days if you have pets. It’s very inexpensive, makes the house healthier to live in, and keeps the furnace running efficiently.

A few more things to check:

  1. the exhaust flue outside – make sure it is free of twigs, leaves, or debris
  2. Check your ductwork for any leaks
  3. make sure your pilot light has a healthy blue hue
  4. listen for anything that sounds or smells out of the ordinary

If you find something is amiss, call us immediately

In Closing:

We at Advanced Air Solutions realized long ago that not enough families follow through every year with these annual checkups. That’s why we now offer our Annual Maintenance Service Plan. It’s like TWO inspections for the price of one. You save money with discounts on things like repairs and equipment and can rest assured knowing that a pro has recently tested and cleaned your home furnace & air conditioning unit. For more on how to take advantage of our Service Plan, feel free to call us at (330) 962-1306 or fill out our contact form and a representative will get you signed up in a matter of minutes.

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