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What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air Duct cleaning generally means the removal of debris and cleaning of various components of forced air systems. An HVAC system’s supply and return air ducts, grilles, diffusers, and registers become contaminated with particles of dust, dirt, and pollen over time, depreciating the efficiency of the unit. If moisture is present, the potential for mold and viruses spreading into the living space increases dramatically.

A certified air duct cleaning company will use a variety of tools to dislodge this debris and then vacuum it away with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Don’t settle for just anyone that advertises these services though. A professional job will address more than just the ductwork. A proper cleaning will address every component that air passes over, including the coils and mechanisms inside the system.

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How often should you get your air ducts cleaned?

If anyone in the house has allergies or asthma, you should consider having it done annually, but this depends on a wide variety of other factors including pets, current or recent renovations, your local weather conditions, and overall home cleanliness. If in doubt, ask your local professional to do a quick inspection. Usually, they will do it for a nominal fee.

A professionally cleaned system can yield long-term energy savings, which means money back in your pocket! Research shows an efficiency increase of up to 40 PERCENT after a professional duct cleaning. Think of it in terms of car maintenance. You wouldn’t want to drive a car without changing the oil. When dirt is present in any type of system, even a computer, it’s not going to function properly. By removing the dust and debris, you will notice big energy consumption savings. So don’t fall victim to some of those fancy machines for sale claiming to “clean the air” in your home, clean it at the source!


The importance of a clean dryer vent

Not only does a clean dryer vent operate more efficiently, but it is much safer. A clogged or obstructed dryer vent increases the risk of fire by up to 90 percent and is the reason behind thousands of house fires every year. Most homeowners forget about cleaning the vent and only clean the primary filter, but this seemingly small oversight can have disastrous results!

Not only does A thoroughly cleaned and inspected dryer vent leave your family safer, your dryer will be more efficient by not having to work overtime. When your filter or vent is clogged, drying time gradually increases over time. Sooner or later, a second cycle will be necessary to get a normal load dry. Not only does this put unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes, but This is a waste of time and energy! Reclaim your free time and call your local pros at Advanced Air Solutions for a quick inspection.

dryer vent cleaning advanced air solutions akron and canton hvac

Healthy air and dryer ducts = a healthy, happy family

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